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About us

Since 1999 ,the family owned and managed company NAVID was devoted to develop user family,specific personal protection at risky

workplaces.Already in those days,the company lived by the principles of modern corporate philosophy,the customer is the focal point,and

his satisfaction has top priority.The large-scale products conquered

the Iran and Middle East market in the 2005,and NAVID became and

international leader with its NAVID products.

In 2005,NAVID created the foundation of the companys future with the

new factory premises in the industrial area Shahriyar around Tehran.

As a leader in meeting the new QS directives,by mid 2009,all NAVID products were already certified to the QS Directive for personal safety Gear,bearing the corresponding CE symbol.Quality management was also successfully installed in the company according to ISO


Address: Unit 20th,4th floor,Saye building,No.69,Nafisi st.,1th phase,Ekbatan town,Tehran

Phone: (+9821)44695661-4

CEO,ENG,Mr.Salehi : +989121380264