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Company History:

Navid Parto Nama is privately owned Company,founded and initially started in the year of 2000 when no other company has a full basket of X-Ray accessories.

Eventually we could provide our world products in radiology and geography (accessories filed).

Head office located in Tehran-Iran and operating in more than countres,and the most active company in Iran.

Business history:

We proud to announce that we were the first company which holding a certificate from Iranin Ministry of Health in X-Ray filed.we become the mail exporter of

X-Ray accessories.The only producer of darkroom radiology instruments.Producer of all needed X-Ray protection equipment.

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Address: Unit 20th,4th floor,Saye building,No.69,Nafisi st.,1th phase,Ekbatan town,Tehran

Phone: (+9821)44695661-4

CEO,ENG,Mr.Salehi : +989121380264